It is my hope that my paintings speak for themselves.
My aim is to invite the viewer to notice and interpret the nuances in the  poise and interactions of the characters based on what they see and feel. Once the painting leaves my studio I prefer that people connect with the work and adopt their own view of what the work means to them. I love the idea of the work reinventing itself once it's out in the world. I am constantly inspired by my surroundings, my experience and observations.
I would also like to thank everybody who has purchased or expressed an appreciation for my work. I realise my work doesn't appeal to everybody and there would be something wrong if it did.
Exhibitions and Representation
2019 - Feature artist Manyung gallery Mt Eliza
2018- Feature artist Manyung gallery Sorrento
2018 - Beautiful Bizarre Competition
2018 - Bluethumb Competition
2015 - Singapore Art Fair
2014 - Manyung Gallery 'Nature Show'
2012 - Singapore Art Fair
2012 - Solo Show, Glenferrie Rd Gallery - Malvern
2012 - Solo Abstract Exhibition ' Sanguine' Gasworks Art Park
2012 - Camberwell Art Show
2012 - Winner of best contemporary painting at the Edrington Grand Art Exhibition
2011 - 2011 Melbourne Art Show Exhibition Building
2010 - 'True Self' exhibition 'Nexus Modern Art' Sth Melbourne
2010 - Group Show Suburban Art Gallery, Brighton
2009 - Charity Exhibition UBUNTU Sydney
2009 - Mixed Exhbition, Glenferrie Rd Gallery, Malvern
2009 - Borunup Gallery, mixed exhbirion Margaret River WA
2009 - Select Group Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza Victoria
2009 - Art On Record Show - New York USA
2009 - Art Melbourne, Melbourne exhibition building
2008 - Sydney Art Fair
2008 - Solo Show 'All About Eve' Suburban Gallery, Brighton
2008 - Brisbane Art Fair, Brisbane
2008 - Art Melbourne - Exhibition Building
2008 - Nexus Modern Art, Christmas show, South Melbourne
2007 - Sydney Art Show, Sydney Aust.
2007 - Pivotal Galleries 'group show' Richmond, Melbourne
2007 - Art Melbourne - Exhibition Building
2006 - 'Eve Marks' Solo Show - Pivotal Galleries
2006 - Gallery M, group exhibition, sth Melbourne
2006 - Sydney Art Show
2006 - Art Melbourne - Exhibition Building
2006 - Group show, Suburban Art, Brighton
2005 - Solo Show - 'Eve Marks' Pivotal Gallery Richmond
2005 - Group Show, Gallery M, Sth Melbourne
2005 - Sydney Art Show, sydney Aust.
2005 - Group Show, Paddington Contemporary Art, Sydney
2005 - Melbourne Art Fair, Aust. - Exhibition Building
2004 - Group Show, Gallery M, Sth Melbourne
2004 - Group Show - Pantechnicon Gallery Daylesford, Aust.
2004 - Solo Show - 'Interplay' Pivotal Gallery, Richmond
2004 - Melbourne Art Fair. Aust.
2002 - Pivotal Galleries, Richmond 'Grand Opening Show'
2002 - Byron Fine Arts, Byron Bay NSW Aust.

Features and Publication:
2014 - Mamamia, Feature Artist, 'An artistic Tribute to nature that you are going to want to hand in your lounge'
2009 - Better Homes and Garden Magazine
2006 - Compumedics International Calendar
2005 - Compumedics International Callendar
2005- 2 page Feature Article 'Making her mark' , Neos Kosmos Newspaper (English edition)
2004 - The Age - Domain
MY AIM is to paint and present my work to you as long as I can; My objective is to continue to explore and to always improve; A very wise artist and mentor once told me that 'the value of the painting you are working on at the moment is measured by what it has to offer the next painting you do'. This would mean that I could go on painting forever, and there is nothing in the world that I would rather be doing.
Copyright © Eve Marks 2019
Copyright © Eve Marks 2019