VISUAL BLOG  -  A glimpse into my quirky and wonderful art world and studio.
<===== Glimpses of my new painting in progress.
I have the original giddyup mounted in a beautiful black frame

(mockup) of circus in a cool ornate frame. Love this look.

Really loving matching paintings to frames at the moment
(mockup) Just shows how a frame can compliment a painting.
Just a simple frame for this work is enough to contain and amplify the image.

initial drawing for _"perfect day" commission


initial drawing for _"giddy_up" print

final GIDDY_UP print

character design -double or nothing

idea beginning to take form


final canvas

Giclee print

WAS - A graphic contender for the front page on my website.

Cool & simple type of frame for this image.

"Too Soon' limited edition packed and ready for posting

This is what's in the package!

'nightshade' on the wall : )

                 The attic is my studio <3

I love birds! a small piece I did just because I love this
little bird,I think its the super hero mask that does it.
Its a 'charadrius dubius' (too nerdy)?

The original 'Nomad'  on the pin up

My nude on the wall.

A little corner of my studio

In progress mp4

One of my little muses on MY paper..

Practice, practice.


Having fun with this little sketch.

Always reluctant to post a pic of myself, I'm a bit of a shy hermit.


she loves lying around in the studio especially when there is a piece of paper around. lol

Early abstract painting. One of my favorites

How beautiful is this photo from Jeffry Westerhoff.

Finally titled it 'the road less travelled'
(decided not happy with that title either). Maybe 'Trust' ?

In my old studio progress photo of 'The gathering'

finishing off a commission in my new studio

'The gathering' in the window

Experimenting with loose canvas. Just pulled out my old tubes of oils for the first time in many years. Used oils when I started painting when living in Byron Bay but for some reason switched to acrylics when I moved to Melbourne. Can't remember my logic then but so much fun to go back to using oils after so long, they are so much richer and pliable.

First pass of 'too soon'

 FINAL - 'Too soon'  (i love oil paint)

                      'Kin' - first sketch

Under the maginifying lamp for extra small details.

Decided to use ink pens to enhance and make the image stronger. Fun!
The beginning                                      2/4 of the way

3/4 of the way


'Wolves' at the top of  the stairs.

A nice big red abstract can really make a room pop and feel warm.

External picture of where we live - This beauty was built in 1870's and have gone from school to converted apartments. Literally less than 1 minute walk to the market; what more can you want. Of course we are only 1 of 20 odd apartments in this glorious building. And if you notice on the top left of the entrance is an arrow pointing to where my studio is... 

Waking up to 'nightshade' in bedroom.

My other favourite 'the gathering' in hallway

One of my red abstracts with 3 little birds in situ.